Sri Narayanam Narasimhamurthy

26-01-1929 to 03-09-2007

Narayanam Narasimha Murthy 

Founder Chairman of NCS Group, Sriman Late. Narayanam Narasimha Murthy had a dream that Srirama and his principles should reside within every heartbeat of humanity. He lived his life with Srirama as his breath and life. Right from a young age he spoke and taught only the language of Sri Ramayana. To serve the purpose of Srirama, he envisaged a structure that remains as a living example of Sri Ramayana and he began his dream of building a living structure of Ramayana: “Ramanarayanam” in 15 acres in Vizianagaram.

    • RAMANARAYANAM SRIMADRAMAYANA PRANGANAM is definitely a unique way of depicting the Ramayana, and the seed of the idea was planted two generations ago when Late Sri Narayanam Narasimha Murthy, Founder and Chairman of NCS Group conceptualized the temple to be as such. Envisioned to be more than a traditional temple for people to offer prayers, the idea was to promote it as a spiritual centre where people could see the scenes from Ramayana and take away the essence of human values from the Holy epic.

Sri Narayanam Dharma Chalamayya

09-02-1883 to 09-02-1952

  • Narayanam Dharma Chalamaiah

    Sriman Late. Dharma Chalamaiah was the father of the founder of Ramanarayanam and he always believed that “Sri Ramayana is the documentation of towering personalities. It is a magnificent reflection of humanity. Every moment in life, we come across many episodes and personalities present in Ramayana. 

    He believed Srirama is the manifestation of virtues and epitome of humanity. He is referred to as “Maryada Purushottama” for the life he has lived up to. Living up to the words of parents, being rooted in virtue and truth, being committed to one wife and many more are the values that this personality of Srirama stood up to. He is the embodiment of virtues. 

    Ramayana must be understood in its essence by the current and future generations of the world. It must become a beacon of light for the value systems that our coming generations live up to.” He immersed himself in conducting many Srirama Mahaa Saamrajya Pattabhishekams (coronation ceremonies of Srirama). He lived in every personality and situation in Sri Ramayana.